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Slowenischer Sport- und Kulturverein Triglav e. V. Sindelfingen

The Slovenian sports and cultural association SSKD Triglav was founded in 1973, when it separated from its mother association in Stuttgart and became its own association for the Böblingen district. It is one of the oldest clubs of this kind in Germany. Over the years he has been very active in both sports and culture. Sport bowling, ski trips, the participation in the International Strassenfest  and the Christmas Market in Sindelfingen, its folklore group, its choirs and last but not least the convivial get-together at various occasions in order to enjoy the culinary delights of Slovenia and to be able to be Slovenians in foreign countries, these were and are the main activities of the association. In the course of time, our association has also changed - it currently has 75 members and concentrates on social gatherings and folklore. After a short break in 2011, we again have a new folklore dance group - more precisely a children's folklore group, founded by the children and grandchildren of the former adult folklore. An adult folklore group is in the making. In this composition we are very successful.