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46. Internationales
Straßenfest Sindelfingen
21. - 23. June 2024


Planned celebration times

Friday from 06:00 pm - midnight

Saturday from 11:00 am - 01:00 am

Sunday from 11:00 am - 08:00 pm


About us

Board of Assosiation




Overview of participating Clubs

Deutsch-Australische Freundschaft e. V.

Friends of the Fifth Continent have been meeting for 25 years, and almost everything revolves around Australia. Not only kangaroos, koala and kookaburra, but also personal travel experiences and plans are often the topic...

Vereinigung der Portugiesen für Kultur und Sport Sindelfingen e. V.

With the help of the Italian priest Monsenhor Adolfo Nemec, the German-Portuguese Association was founded in Böblingen on 13 June 1969 with 20 members. Our association is one of the oldest Portuguese associations in Baden-Württemberg...

Sindelfinger Drachen und Gleitschrimflieger e. V.

Do you also have the dream of flying? We felt the same way. The first real flight costs a lot of effort, but many flights later we know: it was worth it! What an experience it is to float in the evening sun more than 1000 m above the lake of Annecy…

Leo Club Sindelfingen

For many years, the Sindelfingen Leos have been actively involved on site, more precisely at the AWO Social and Neighbourhood Centre Grund in Böblingen. The AWO is responsible for many social services, including child and youth work...

Portugiesischer Elternverein e. V. & Juvenis de Portugal Sindelfingen/Böblingen

The first beginnings of today's folklore group date back to the early 70s. At that time there were still some Portuguese parents who wanted to give their children the opportunity to practice simple folkloric dances from their homeland. Today it is…

MSC Sindelfingen

In the clubhouse Monday evening from 19:00 clock the practice evening of the Sendelfenger Gugge takes place. If you are interested, you can come to the clubhouse without prior notice. As in each other association also with the MSC Sindelfingen kg red…

Griechischer Bildungs- und Kulturverein Sindelfingen Böblingen e. V.

The Greek Education and Culture Association Sindelfingen - Böblingen e. V. was founded with the aim of teaching at a recognised school the preservation and teaching of the Greek language, writing, history and culture which were decisive for the…

Slowenischer Sport- und Kulturverein Triglav e. V. Sindelfingen

The Slovenian sports and cultural association SSKD Triglav was founded in 1973, when it separated from its mother association in Stuttgart and became its own association for the Böblingen district. It is one of the oldest clubs of this kind in…

Serbisches Kulturzentrum

Over the centuries, Serbian folklore developed, which also influenced the transmission of the originality of folk creations. This can easily be seen in music with songs with the same texts sung in different ways. The same applies to folk games - the…

Gesellschaft Blau-Weiss Sindelfingen e. V.

Blau-Weiss Sindelfingen mit der Symbolfigur „Gräfin Mechthild von der Pfalz“, ist in mehrere Sparten aufgeteilt. Der Verein besteht aus dem Elferrat, der Maskengruppe „Sindelfinger Brunnensäu“, der Musikgruppe „Blue Brass“ und aus der Prinzen-,…

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