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Portuguese Parents' Association e. V. & Juvenis de Portugal Sindelfingen/Böblingen
History and Origin

The first beginnings of today's folklore group date back to the early 70s. At that time there were still some Portuguese parents who wanted to give their children the opportunity to practice simple folkloric dances from their homeland. Today it is the young people themselves who have expanded this idea and given the whole thing an intercultural claim. With the registration to the non-profit association Portuguese Parents' Association Sindelfingen/Böblingen e. V. in 1977, the official foundation was established. The name "Juvenis de Portugal" (young people from Portugal) was chosen for the folklore group. The reason for this name was due to the predominant majority of young people at that time as well as today, who have grown up to adults in the meantime. In the beginning the dances were quite modest, but in the meantime a considerable level of international standard has been reached. This is expressed in the participation in numerous folklore competitions with first and second places. Particularly noteworthy are performances in the partner city Corbeil-Essones (France), in various cities in Portugal, as well as in Holland, Luxembourg and Switzerland at international exhibitions (television appearances) and at international folklore festivals.

The dances and costumes "Campinos do Ribatejo" (Mounted Bullfighter) are strictly connected. Both come from the "Ribatejo" region of the same name. Folklore groups in Portugal not only have a long tradition but also strict requirements for their appearance and dances. The traditional costume of the campino symbolizes in its form, pride and courage of the mounted farm workers who are responsible for the bull breeding. Today the Portuguese Parents' Association stands for education and cultural and sporting international understanding, is known for its folklore, hip-hop, theatre and football activities for young people; above all for our traditional folklore group "Juvenis de Portugal" - represented at the International Street Festival since its foundation. For over 40 years, thus one of the oldest international cultural associations, among them with over 200 members, the contact point for Portuguese in Sindelfingen, counts likewise to the largest in South Germany.

If you would like to become part of our community or are interested in booking us for your events, please feel free to contact us:

Portuguese Parents' Association e.V.
P.O. Box 401
71046 Sindelfingen, Germany
Phone: 07031 / 3 04 91 74

Visit us in our clubhouse: Alte AOK Sindelfingen / entrance via Martastrasse or in the internet on Facebook.