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Sindelfinger Drachen und Gleitschirmflieger e. V.

Dear visitors of the International Strasenfest  in Sindelfingen,

Do you also have the dream of flying? We felt the same way. The first real flight costs a lot of effort, but many flights later we know: it was worth it! What an experience it is to float in the evening sun more than 1000 m above the lake of Annecy (France) or to be pulled up in gentle evening thermals on the steep slopes by the updraft. We can enjoy the landscape and nature from simple gliding flights over hour-long flights in the thermals up to cross-country flights over hundreds of kilometres. Sometimes we fly with birds of prey, who can do that!

You can get to know all our active pilots in the Sindelfinger Drachen- und Gleitschirmflieger e.V. at our stand in the Martinskirche area. In addition to freshly tapped drinks, you will also get scampi skewers, squid rings, corn and angel potatoes.

Flying also includes the joint exchange of experience, further training (e.g. first aid), seminars and courses on active flying as well as meteorology and the packing of our rescue equipment.For this we meet every 2 weeks to the regulars' table and organize flight trips, e.g. our one-week annual trip. We also plan excursions with our non-flying members, like common skiing or the excursion without flying machines. You can find the annual programme on the Internet at or as a business card at our stand.

Well? Infected by the aviation virus? Then come to our stand at the corner Ziegelstraße/Stiftstraße, we will be happy to inspire you in a personal conversation for our sport and wish you an enjoyable street party.

Your Sindelfinger Drachen- und Gleitschirmflieger e.V.