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Griechischer Bildungs- und Kulturverein Sindelfingen Böblingen e. V.

The Greek Education and Culture Association Sindelfingen - Böblingen e. V. was founded with the aim of teaching at a recognised school the preservation and teaching of the Greek language, writing, history and culture which were decisive for the development of Europe. The association would like to bring the preservation and spreading of the cultural, historical and religious traditions of the Greek people closer to its members, the pupils and parents, as well as the further Greek and German living community in Sindelfingen - Böblingen and environment. It promotes close and friendly relations between the Greeks, Germans and fellow citizens of other nationalities living here. The Greek school sees part of its educational mission in conveying the ideas of democracy, peace and international understanding.

Our kindergarten is attended by more than 20 children, our school by more than 50 pupils. The lessons take place in rooms provided by the cities of Sindelfingen and Böblingen. We are very grateful for this support. We work with trained teachers and educators with special interest in the special needs of the children of the diaspora. The school programme is accompanied by joint festivals, dance, theatre and other cultural projects and activities.